The Tower - The 80 ft. tower  is an actual radio antenna tower.  It is constructed of high grade galvanized steel.    A normal radio antenna tower is required to have at least 9 guy cables holding it securely in place.  Our tower has 16 cables holding it strongly in place.  It does not move in any way.  It is a solid structure.  

Personal Safety Equipment  -  You are require to wear a safety harness and are permanently  attached to a safety line  the entire time that you are on the tower.  The safety line is rated for 10,000 lbs.  You will also have a secondary line attached to you which is moved up and down the tower as we climb.   

The Process -  Fears and anxieties have  both a mental and physical component to them.  Danny will spend some time with you on the ground going over the process before staring the climb.    Danny always reserves the right to keep you on the ground and or bring you down during the climb  if he determines that moving forward is not in your best interest from either a physical or emotional point of view.   

Instructor  -  Danny Castle will be your instructor .   In addition to being a professional Hollywood  Stuntman he has also been a certified safety coordinator  with a perfect safety record his whole career.   Your safety and overall well being is Danny's top priority.  Click on the   INSTRUCTOR   Tab to view more of his background.  

A Word From Your Instructor  - "I have spent my whole career processing fear because of the thousands of stunts that I have performed  like descending down the sides of buildings almost 400 ft. high, doing 100 ft. high falls,  being catapulted through the air, etc.   Once I mastered the fear of heights I began to use the same process to overcome other fears and anxieties that we all encounter during our normal lives.   My goal while we climb the tower is to let you be the one in control.   I of course will control all of the logistics of the climb but I will never force you to go higher.   You alone get to choose to go up and when it's time to come down.   I will however encourage you so that you get to experience the process in the most beneficial and positive way possible."